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Wedding Invitation

September 14, 2010

How to be environment friendly in wedding invitations, here are the few tips for saving our global from global warming

Many of today’s couples are trying to be more environmentally conscience when planning their wedding. When it comes to your wedding invitations, being more earth friendly can actually be accomplished with some simple choices. In some instances, you may even save a little money.

Bold Statement Wedding Invitations.Possibly one of the most thought about choices is having them printed on a recycled paper. This particular design is printed on paper that is Green Seal Certified, made with 100% post-consumer fibers and created without the use of chlorine compounds.

Another simple choice is to use less paper in your wedding invitation ensemble by considering these ideas:

    * Select a more traditional single-panel card style.

    * Eliminate the need for including a reception card by having your reception information printed directly on your invitation (having less weight in the envelope might even save you from adding extra postage for mailing). If space allows, your dinner and reception details can be added on as extra lines aligned with the rest of your verse printing. In some cases, the style may allow the option of a corner copy for listing these details (3-4 lines that are printed in the bottom left or right corner in a smaller sized font usually for a small fee). Corner copy is not recommended for narrow or tea length designs.

    * Choose an invitation style that gets mailed with only a single envelope instead of the typical double (inner and outer) envelopes. A self-mailer is a great example since it includes an envelopment that wraps around all of your pieces and seals up to become the actual mailing envelope. One envelope will also save you time when it comes to addressing. Please note that this style may require extra postage depending on the size of the invitation.

    * If you will be including a response card, consider enclosing a postcard which not only eliminates the return mailing envelope but will also require less postage. A great style that actually has a response postcard attached for easy removal and mailing back by your guests is a seal n send wedding invitation. This economical all-in-one design folds up and seals into a self-mailing piece so it also eliminates the mailing envelope altogether.

    * Setting up a personal wedding website can provide your guests with online maps, directions, names of hotels, registry information, etc. This will eliminate the need for extra invitation insert pieces also saving on paper.

When it’s time to choose your wedding invitations, you will of course want them to reflect your own personal style. Here, you’ll learn how to choose or make unique wedding invites that are also eco-friendly.

The easiest way is to make or have your invitations printed on recycled paper. Today’s recycled papers are much stronger and of better quality than those of the past. When you choose recycled paper, try for that which is completely made from post consumer content. If just one ton of recycled paper is used,

it saves enough energy to power a home for 6 months! Companies like Earthly Affair, Greener Printer, and Naturally Ever After, create wedding invites made with recycled cardstock and sustainable practices.

Another trend is seeded paper. It makes a unique invitation that your guests are sure to remember, and instead of throwing it in the trash, they can plant it in a pot or a nice sunny spot, and get wildflowers to grow. Of The Earth offers handmade seed wedding invitations and DIY wedding invites created with seeded paper. These wedding invitations are creative, beautiful and offer a great way for wedding guests to remember your big day; every time they see they plants that have grown from your seeded invitation!

You can also buy paper not made from wood. Tree-free paper makes up 1/3 of the paper made in underdeveloped nations. Plants like flax, hemp and cotton are spun into fibers that are used to make quality paper.

If you decide to go the DIY route with your invites, all the types of paper we just talked about come in a variety of textures, thicknesses and colors, and can be used in most PC printers. Using a simple design on one piece of paper is the greenest choice, and they can easily be made more or less formal. To embellish them, you can glue dried flowers around the border.

It’s easy to have wedding invitations that are both stylish and eco-friendly. Just choose your paper carefully, use a natural ink and a simple design, and they’re sure to reflect your personality and your style.


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