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Eco Friendly Toys

August 13, 2010

Everybody is going green these days. It’s rather trendy to say the least, so it’s no surprise that toys are following the trend and selling big when it comes to eco-friendly categories. If you’d very much like to give your kids something fun to play with that they’re guaranteed to enjoy plus is quite possibly better for the environment in the long run, then good news because here’s an article about the top selling eco-friendly toys right this second.

Wood Toy

Protecting the environment is becoming a crucial aspect of everyday life around the globe. The idea is that everyone needs to do what they can to protect the environment so that future generations don’t suffer. Going green, using environment friendly products and daily practices, is the best way to do this and, if protecting your family’s future is the ultimate goal, then greening your kids’ toys should be step one.

Find toys that are PVC and phthalate-free. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) releases toxins into the air, while some studies link phthalate to cancers and hormone disruptions.

Give your child FSC-certified wooden toys to play with rather than plastic toys. The certification assures that the wood was grown naturally, without chemicals to stimulate faster growth. Also, wooden toys last for generations.

Use rechargeable batteries in electronic toys and gadgets to cut down on waste. Consider giving your younger child simpler toys that don’t require batteries or other power sources to conserve energy.

Purchase second-hand toys from online auction sites, garage sales and resale stores to reduce waste. Thoroughly sanitize used toys before letting your child play with them.

Buy non-toxic paints and crayons. Also, check suspicious toys for lead paint. Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information on toys and lead exposure.

Create craft projects for your children, using recycled materials or items you might otherwise throw away (such as paper towel rolls, cereal boxes or old magazines).

Safe and eco-friendly toys are the way to go this year. Eco-friendly toys are made from natural, safe materials which do not harm the environment.

Eco-friendly, or green toys, as they are known as, are not hard to find if you know where to look! There are certain specialty manufacturers who take great pride in their eco-friendly products. Some of these manufacturers include the German company Haba, ImagiPlay and others. Do your planet a big favor and pick up these eco-friendly toys today!

In the past two months, Mattel has issued recalls of 21 million toys manufactured in China. The recall reasons included high levels of lead in the paint and powerful magnets that posed risk of intestinal blockage and infection if swallowed. If you check out the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission you’ll see a catalog of toy recalls longer than a kid’s Christmas list and many of the recalls listed are due to dangerous materials used in the products.

It’s a sad world when not even your toddler’s playthings are safe! Luckily, there’s a new movement of people making eco-friendly toys for your tots. With the holidays growing nearer, here’s a list of some online retailers you might want to check out:

      Tumbleweed Woodworks makes a line of handmade wooden puzzles that are both fun and educational. Perfect for boys & girls aged 3 to 8.

      Etsyis a great site to find handmade items from blanket to ceramics as well as toys! You can browse all toys or search. I ran several searches like “recycled, toy”, “organic, toy”, & “eco, toy” and found hundreds of unique and earth friendly toys for young children like stuff animals and other crazy looking creatures made by artists using recycled & organic materials.

      Eco Toy Town carries a variety of different toys for kids from infants through pre-teen. They sell organic teethers, soft stuffed animals and blankets for babies. For the older child, they have dolls & accessories, trading cards, puzzles, wooden toys and more!

      Treeblocks harms no living trees in the making of their wooden toys, rather than work with orchards who have trees that are ending their life cycle.

By choosing toys that utilize the environment in an ethical and safe manner, you can teach your children early about the importance of reducing waste and recycling materials to give them new life.

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