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Home Appliance save energy

August 4, 2010

Choose your home appliances properly.

There are many new home appliances launched in the market which can help us save energy and also save our planet Earth, by not radiating harmful contents. Some of them are:

Fridge and Freezer.

When shopping for your ecofriendly kitchen appliance, keep in mind that certain features require more energy than others. For example, refrigerators with side-by-side doors use about 10% more energy than the freezer-on-top models. Models with through-the-door ice dispensers also require more electricity to run. If you live alone or have a small family, be sure to choose the smallest refrigerator adequate enough to meet your needs. On the other hand, if you have a large family, be aware that it requires more energy to run two small refrigerators than to run one large unit.

Dishwasher. Most of today’s eco friendly kitchen appliances use less energy than those made even ten years ago. Replacing a ten-year old dishwasher with a new ecofriendly model can equate to water savings of hundreds of gallons over the course of one year. Most new models incorporate soil sensors capable of adjusting water use depending on how dirty the dishes are. All new dishwashers available today utilize “booster heaters,” which heat the water supplied by the water heater to higher temperatures, reducing the need for water heaters to be turned higher. Many new models use less than half of the water it takes to wash dishes by hand.

Oven. Innovations in technology have introduced a plethora of high-tech ovens and stoves to choose from. All new gas ovens have electronic ignition systems, which save about 30% more energy than older models fitted with a pilot light that was always burning. Combination appliances such as full-size ovens combined with smaller “toaster” ovens save energy by occupying the space of one appliance while delivering the utility of two! With the newest in electric burners just hitting the market, aspiring home chefs have abundant options when selecting their method of cooking based on the size of the meal and the type of food to be prepared. Radiant elements under ceramic glass are far more energy-efficient than the old coil element cooktops. The innovation of induction elements– which transfer electromagnetic energy directly to the pan where the heat is needed– cut energy requirements of standard electric coil elements by about half.

The points that we can save energy from appliances

1)All of these elements combine into an advanced kitchen where wasted water or heat from one appliance is reused in a second. For example, warm refrigerator coils are used to heat water for the dishwasher. Waste water is recycled to water wall of plants and spices. All in all, this integrated kitchen will divert 60% of the water and heat generated from appliances to fuel other appliances. It is expected that this kitchen would save 24% on a homeowner’s energy bill. Not only do we like the look of the kitchen, but we love the savings that it would create.

Perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA is a big bad used in many cooking pots. PFOA is a chemical used during the manufacturing process when making traditional non-stick pans; or their coating I should say. PFOA can cause harm to the environment and also cause harm to the people making these pots.
2)eco-friendly pots

Scanpan makes safer pots. With a still non-stick surface made with ceramic-titanium technology and these pots and pans require little to no fat for stick-free cooking. Plus pots and pans have a cooking surface that stands up to metal utensils and still allows for browning, searing and deglazing. All Scanpan cookware is oven safe to 500°F (ceramic coatings can take more heat safely than traditional non-stick coatings) and cleans up easily in the dishwasher.

Plus these pots and pans look great and have ergonomic hollow handles which are more lightweight and stay cooler while cooking along with see-through lids.

Fight Off Three Home Toxins:

There are so many toxins out there nowadays – from auto emissions to mercury in the water to pesticides in city parks and more. You can’t stop your exposure to all things toxic, but what you can do is limit your home exposure. Following are three home toxins that are easy to wage war on…

Carbon monoxide (CO): An odorless but highly toxic gas that can come from all sorts of places; wood stoves, furnaces, leaky chimneys, badly ventilated gas stoves, and indoor grilling products.

Health effects: CO at high levels can result in death but it’s still no fun at lower levels which can result in fatigue, nausea, headaches, confusion, impaired coordination and vision and more.

Fight CO: Your home should have a CO detector installed and you need to do a battery check at least every other month.

Mold: Mold while naturally occurring is just as toxic as any other baddie toxin. It’s caused by little spores in the air that settle down and multiply on damp or wet surfaces. Mold is common in basements, at baseboards, in kitchen, near windows, and under sinks.

Health effects: Mold can produce general allergies, but also may cause rash, asthma, and other more serious issues.

Fight mold Make a homemade mold and mildew remover and use it. Once mold sets up camp for a while, it’s much harder to get rid of so prevention before mold invades is key. IF it’s too late and mold is rampant, you can try to get rid of it using more chemicals (which sucks, but you don’t want mold). Check out the CDC guide to mold for more ideas.

VOCs: We’ve talked at length about what VOCs are here before – it’s a lengthy topic. They’re not good at all though and they’re in an insane amount of products.

Health effects: VOCs can irritate your whole body – your skin, muscles, head, eyes, and so on. They can cause coughing, headache, and a ton of other very serious health problems.

The Four Energy Saving Areas in Your Home

Basically, you’ve got four major energy saving opportunities in your home…

   1. Lighting
   2. Appliances and electronics
   3. Heating & cooling
   4. Water heating

You could, of course, break it down even more. Each of us has hundreds of ways we could be saving more energy, but the above four are major and a good place to start.

For lighting you can save more by incorporating day lighting into your home with energy efficient windows, skylights, and light tunnels. You can buy energy efficient bulbs and keep the lighting to a minimum or as needed basis. You can also remind family members to simply turn off the lights.

Appliances and electronic equipment makes up about 20% of your home energy usage and costs so it’s smart to purchase energy efficient versions of things like televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, audio equipment and anything else you plug in. You may be able to get rebates on many of the items you buy. To further use these items efficiently, use them sparingly – i.e. hang dry many clothes instead of using the dryer each time. Plug all items in one space into one power strip then turn the whole darn strip off when you leave the room. Also, cook wisely – you don’t need the stove for everything.

For heating and cooling think ahead of time. Make sure you build or buy a home that’s got energy saving features such as good orientation, evergreen windbreaks, try passive solar design, and weatherize properly for winter. Also little adjustments such as turning the heat down a few notches adds up over time.

Heating your water can actually account for as much as 25% of your energy use. Try a solar water heater or the next time you upgrade, upgrade to the most efficient model you can. Insulate your hot water pipes and heater, install a water timer, and do the little things like taking shorter showers.

If you do all of the above it will not only save you energy but it will put money directly in your pocket – good timing with the holidays here.

lawn mover

The lawn mower is one of the top energy-consuming appliances we have at home. Why not save energy today by using a solar powered lawn mower. The RBZG001 is not like any other lawn mower available in the market today. The RBZG001 is a solar powered lawn mower that will let you save on your energy consumption. In addition, you will also get the chance to save the environment  because the RBZG001 produces zero emission, thus an environment friendly home appliance. This eco-friendly lawn mower is design perfect for both commercial and home use, and comes up with an elegant and sleek design.

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