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July 15, 2010


Here is the article about innovative thinking from few students from Indonesia and useful tips to prevent global warming

EcoFaeBrick Wins Global Social Venture Competition with Cow Dung Bricks

A team from Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Indonesia has won the Global Social Venture Competition with their entry “EcoFaeBrick”, high-quality, low-cost bricks made from abundant cow dung.

A new type of brick has been invented which is more environmentally friendly than a regular clay brick. It is called an EcoFaeBrick, and it is made from cow dung!

They are 20% lighter and 20% stronger than clay bricks, they prevent the environmental damaged caused by digging up clay, reduce carbon emissions and increase the income of local farmers.

It looks and acts like clay brick, but costs the same. But my question is, would you live in a house made of cow poo to help the environment?

EcoFaeBrick, in conjunction with Faerumnesia, produces high quality and low price bricks by utilizing the abundant cow dung in Godean and Sayegan, Jogjakarta. The utilization of the cow dung will not only solve the hygiene problem but also reduce the exploitation of the un-renewable clay. The replacement of firewood with the cow dung methane biogas in the combustion process brings a lower production cost with a more environmental friendly process. EcoFaeBrick also empowers rural people through close partnership with local communities.

Using business model which involves the housing developers, NGOs, and local communities, EcoFaeBrick builds a sustainable market demand to ensure an interesting financial return to the investors. The EcoFaeBrick’s expansion plan focuses on areas with rapid development and high concentration of cattle farm. EcoFaeBrick offers a feasible solution for rapidly developing areas not only in Indonesia but also in other emerging countries.Do you know that by using EcoFaeBrick you will contribute to the reduction of carbon emission?

We use biogas instead of fire woods in our burning process and it reduces tons of CO2 per year. It is equal to changing tens of cars into hybrid cars.

Do you know that by using EcoFaeBrick you will contribute to the preservation of productive land?

By partly using processed cattle waste, we are able to preserve hectares of productive agriculture land. The clay excavation usually brings a massive damage to the land.

Do you know that by using EcoFaeBrick you are improving the wealth of the rural people?

We built a partnership with the local farmers and through our supply chain they will get an additional income. This significant additional income can be used to improve their quality of life.

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