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Global Warming -Effects on your Health

May 26, 2010

global warming effect

Global (Global Warming) impact on various aspects of human life, including in the health sector.Changes in weather and ocean can be a global temperature increase (heat) which can lead to the emergence of diseases related to heat (heat stroke) and death, especially in the elderly, children and chronic disease. Hot temperatures can also cause crop failures that will appear hunger and malnutrition. Changes in extreme weather and increased sea levels due to melting Arctic ice could lead to diseases associated with natural disasters (floods, hurricanes and fires) and deaths due to trauma. The emergence of natural disasters is usually accompanied by the displacement of people into refugee camps places where the disease often occurs, such as: diarrhea, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, psychological trauma, skin diseases, and others.

Shift in the ecosystem can impact on the spread of diseases through water (Waterborne diseases) and the spread of diseases through vectors (vector-borne diseases). Why does this happen? We take the example of the increasing incidence of Dengue Fever. Aides Egypt mosquito as the vector of this disease has a pattern of life and breed in warm regions. That’s what causes the disease developed in many urban areas are hotter than the cold mountainous region. But with the occurrence of Global Warming, in which global warming occurs, then the mountain areas began to increase its temperature in order to provide space (ecosystem) of these new breed mosquitoes.

Environmental degradation caused by waste pollution in the river also contributes to waterborne diseases and vector-borne disease. Coupled with air pollution emissions of gases that are not controlled factory will further contribute to disease, respiratory diseases like asthma, allergies, heart disease and chronic lung, and others.

Thus the influence of global warming on our health. Shall we shut our eyes to all these threats? Let’s take action now!

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